Psychological Assessment and Therapy for Young People and Families

My Family Psychologist provides psychological assessments and therapies which are highly responsive, uniquely tailored, and evidence-based.

Since the year 2000 to 2023 the number of people seeking treatment for mental health problems has increased by 71% (BMA, 2023). 

1 in 6 children aged 5 to 16 are likely to have a diagnosable mental health problem (NHS Digital, 2020).

95% of GPs say that Child and Young People’s Mental Health Services are either in crisis or very inadequate (Supporting Teenage Mental Health, 2022).

Ethos and Values

Our passion is to empower you to understand and maximise you and your family’s psychological wellbeing. 
Psychological assessment and therapy here is a positive experience with an emphasis on self-development, building resilience, and increasing strengths. 
With evidence-based techniques and up to date processes we design an approach that is uniquely tailored to your and your family is vital since no two families nor individuals are the same. 
In a rapidly changing world we assimilate the impact of cultural changes such as social media, identity politics, and language to minimise harm and maximise growth.

Evidence-Based Psychological Therapy

The psychological therapies we implement have a strong evidence-base and a high level of success. This is especially the case where young people are concerned. 
Young people are ever evolving beings and advances in neuroplasticity inform us that their brains are primed to assimilate and apply therapeutic techniques. 
We use an integrative approach, matching the therapy or therapies to the family or individual for maximum benefit. Below are some of the psychological therapies we use:

Experienced, Empathic, and Evidence-Based Psychological Care.

Remote Support Available

My Family Psychologist offers online services to those in isolation and all over the world using a variety of different platforms.
All our Psychologists and Therapists can work over Zoom if required.
Contact us on 07801 079555 to find out more.

Our Offices In Morpeth and Newcastle

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