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Anger Management and how we can help

Anger management issues are more than just personality issues that disappear over time. Anger management issues can be anything from the inability to control one’s emotions to angry behaviour stemming from unresolved and repressed previous trauma.

People clinging to deep-seated frustration can also exhibit anger management issues and this can manifest in saying or doing things that the person eventually regrets.

Anger management therapy is designed to help the sufferer deal with the underlying reasons of anger. It also deals with helping the sufferer control the psychological effects that anger causes, through behavioural changes and therapies that make it possible for the person to control his or her emotions.

Symptoms of Anger Management Issues

There are tell-tale indicators that a person is struggling with anger management issues.

Anger symptoms include

  • physiological symptoms (increased testosterone levels, increased blood pressure, heart rate, etc.)
  • becoming angry or violent when intoxicated
  • the inability to engage in arguments without engaging in angry outbursts
  • cannot express emotions in calm and healthy ways
  • self-harm, which is indicative of inward aggression
  • shouting swearing, throwing things when in an emotionally-charged situation
  • substance abuse
  • insubordination or disrespect of authority
  • confrontational behaviour
  • damaging property when angry or frustrated
  • blaming others.

The affects of anger on your life 

Anger management issues can produce serious consequences not only for the sufferer but for the people around him or her. Anger issues that are left to develop and fester can lead to uncontrolled outbursts that result in damage to property, physical harm to the person, or harm to people around him or her.

Insubordination to authority and confrontational behaviour could escalate to a point when law enforcement may need to get involved.

From a relational standpoint, anger issues can cause emotional strains, difficulty in forming new relationships, difficulty in maintaining relationships, and can lead to the sufferer’s isolation.

It is not unusual for family members to distance themselves from a loved one who has anger issues simply because they also fear for their psychological and physical well-being.

Anger issues harm the sufferer and can lead to substance abuse such as alcoholism which can lead to health problems.

People who have these issues also have a higher risk of high blood pressure and the diseases associated with this condition.

Self-harm is also a possibility when the sufferer directs his or her anger inwards to avoid harming others.

My Family Psychologist are here and can help those suffering from anger management issues and who may find it difficult to reach out for help.

Some may be in denial about their anger issues even though the problem is already affecting their relationships.

If you think you suffer or are being affected by anger-related issues, you can start working towards a solution with the help of our team of professionals and counsellors.

We are here to help you improve your ability to manage your anger with the help of a multidisciplinary team who conduct thorough psychological assessments, testing, and evidence-based interventions.

Helping with Anger Management

My Family Psychologist teams use cognitive-behavioural psychology therapies paired with modern therapies like meditation and solution-based therapies for a holistic approach to anger issues.

Aside from psychological interventions, the team can help you develop skills to improve your relationships and manage your anger so that you can form and maintain new relationships in a proactive and productive way.

Start your journey towards a healthier approach to dealing with your emotions and anger.

Get in touch with the team at My Family Psychologist.

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