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Help With Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the health issues that will always need to be addressed in today’s society. Many people seek Anxiety therapy for a huge range of reasons and there is no longer any sort of stigma associated with asking for help.

In fact, according to research by mental health, approximately 284 million individuals across the globe experience anxiety in one form or another.

In the UK alone, a report indicates that more than 520,000 individuals suffer from this condition. With this data, it is obvious to see why lots of individuals seek anxiety aid, anxiety therapy and help from expert psychologists.

So, before we dig deeper into this topic, let’s comprehend what anxiety entails, its symptoms, possible effects, and know where to seek help.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition characterised by intense fear for no apparent reason. Arguably, the condition occurs due to physical changes such as a rise in blood pressure or worried thoughts.

Apprehending the difference between a normal anxiety feeling and the one that calls for medical assistance can help manage the condition easily.

Anxiety Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of anxiety vary significantly based on the particular disorder, co-occurring health issue, frequency of the symptoms, and the disorder’s seriousness. Despite that, excessive worry or fear is the main symptom of this health issue and our Anxiety Therapy can help.

Someone with an anxiety disorder will find it challenging to sleep, breathe, and concentrate. Common anxiety symptoms include;

  • Fear, panic, and uneasiness
  • Sleep problems
  • Shortness of breath
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Unable to stay calm
  • Sweaty or cold feet or hands
  • Breathing faster (hyperventilation)
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Tense muscles

Anxiety Effects

If an anxiety disorder is left untreated, its effect on the body may increase the chances of developing other long-term chronic issues.

Usually, the long-term issues vary depending on the person’s genetic makeup, alcohol or drug abuse, co-occurring health issues, and seriousness of the symptoms. Some anxiety effects may include;

  • Increased severity of the symptoms
  • Development of more health issues
  • Development of physical health issues
  • Suicidal behaviours and thoughts
  • Drug addiction and abuse
  • Social isolation
  • Self-loathing and loneliness
  • Self-harming behaviours.

How we can help with Anxiety Therapy

If you are suffering from anxiety, then the ultimate thing should be finding the right help.

But where do you get help?

Well, finding the right professionals to help deal with the condition is a daunting task.

At My Family Psychologist, we offer support to children and adults seeking professional anxiety therapy.

Our experts are experienced in this field. In fact, we have helped hundreds and thousands of individuals, and still, the future seems promising.

If you want us to help you say goodbye to anxiety disorder, you only need to get in touch with us. After reaching out, we will plan a date with you where you will be able to talk to one of our experienced psychologists.

When talking to our experts, always feel free to talk about your challenges.

After discussing your issue, we will offer an appointment that best suits your preferred day, time, and location. We always aim to give our clients the soonest appointment while ensuring that the therapist is experienced enough to help solve your issue.

So why not call My Family Psychologist today?

For more general information about Anxiety, check out this article by the NHS.

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