Are You Suffering From Stress and Anxiety

Are You Suffering From Stress and Anxiety

Are You Suffering From Stress and Anxiety

Some unfortunate people in the world suffer greatly from the effects of stress and anxiety and find it extremely difficult to stop having pessimistic thoughts and this causes problems in their lives, suffering from stress and anxiety is a serious issue and you may benefit from some professional advice.

Seeking professional advice from a psychologist can help you to solve the issues that you have. My Family Psychologist is based in Newcastle and Morpeth and a member of the staff is always available to speak to you to discuss your problems and to offer suggestions on how to solve them.

Sharing your thoughts, feelings and other issues with a psychologist might sound daunting at first but once you have been put at your ease and relaxed you will realised that you are not being judged; that the psychologist is being objective in getting you to discuss your fears and anxieties so that you may find a solution to your problems.

Together you and the psychologist will work to find the solution to the issues that you have. You will be guided by your psychologist to find ways to overcome your stress and thereby your anxiety and eventually return to living a less troubled life.

Knowing what makes you stressed and what causes you to become anxious is called a “trigger “ and if you can identify these triggers and when they occur it is a great help in managing them and thereby relieving the stress they cause.

Your psychologist will probably want you to keep a journal of events to identify the triggers and your psychologist might teach you specific ways to counter the effects of a trigger so allowing you to take control of your feelings.

In pursuit of a remedy, it is not always helpful to try and avoid triggers and if they arise it is better to be able to deal with them.

Chemical changes can occur in your body when you become anxious which can cause feelings of distress and sometimes physical sensations. These chemical changes can affect the immune system and if the stress and anxiety is not controlled they can cause health issues affecting the heart.

Apart from learning how to manage the stress triggers you should change your lifestyle by relaxing, ensuring you get enough sleep, reduce your workload and maybe learn how to meditate.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety and wish to speak to a sympathetic listener then call My Family Psychologist on 07801 079555, email us at or contact us online.

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