Barriers to Accessing a Psychologist

Psychological .

There can a be a number of reasons which prevent people accessing psychological therapy. Here we discuss a few very common ones.


One of the greatest barriers to starting work with a psychologist is shame. For as much as the dialogue around mental wellbeing has increased and improved, there remains stigma regarding therapy. The assumption may be that there is something fundamentally wrong with you, (there is not) or that you are weak, (you are not).

There are cultural differences. In the United States for example, many people have a psychologist or a therapist as the norm. The emphasis here is that psychological therapy is simply a means of self development, offloading, and maintaining wellbeing; as much a routine as checking in with your GP or Dentist.

Engaging with a Psychologist is a self respecting and brave move towards self betterment, it is a kind act to yourself in order to enhance your life and the lives of those around you. It is the people who do not seek out therapy that we need to be worried about!


Some people may be reluctant to engage with a psychologist because of a belief that they can, or should, be able to overcome their difficulties alone. Some people and cultures have an ‘over resilience’ in relation to mental health.

Here, the individuals’ emphasis is on tolerating distress, not showing our feelings, and keeping quiet about our inner worlds. Unfortunately, this approach only leads to further suffering; distress is a little like the game whack a mole; you suppress it in one area, and it pops up in another. Put your pride aside.


Some may think that the cost is too high. What price your mental health? You maintain your house, your vehicle, and your physical health. Psychological wellbeing is just as, if not more important.

Psychological Therapy is an investment for the future and prevents from bring vulnerable to a host of challenging life experiences. If, for example, six sessions of tailored cognitive behavioural therapy saves you five years of staying in a soul-destroying job, this is invaluable. If ten sessions of adapted cognitive analytic therapy prevents ten years of painful relationship breakdowns this is monumental.

The ripple effect of not investing in your wellbeing has unlimited financial, psychological, and physical implications. There is no price you can put on your psychological wellbeing, and there is always room for improvement in out psychological wellbeing.

If the cost of psychological therapy is beyond your financial means there are other organisations who can help. You can self refer to your local NHS Talking Therapy service. There are also excellent charities who provide advice and spport. For example, MIND, Young Minds, and Rethink, to name a few. 

I offer a free initial fifteen minute consultation to explain more about how I work and to see if we are a fit. If I cannot help I guarantee to signpost you to other originations and services that can. Call us on 07801 079555 or email 

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