Help With Emotional Issues

Are You Struggling And Need Help?

Help With Emotional Issues

We are an emotional species and as such we exhibit many different emotions. Not everyone is able to control their emotions and they can therefore experience emotional distress during their lives. It does not matter if you are a successful person if you have problems controlling your emotions a happy and fulfilling live will be hard to achieve. That is where our emotional management therapy can help.

Professional help is available to assist you to learn how to control your emotions. Emotional Management Therapy is a method of helping a person to understand their thought processes and emotions.

Emotional management therapy will help you to understand and how to control your emotions. You may develop a positive attitude that will gradually enable you to have control over your actions. You will be able to manage your emotion more effectively. You will be able to respond in a positive way to the situations around you and so help you to live a healthier and better lifestyle.

How to recognise the problem

As stated earlier our species is emotional and when our emotions are causing our life to become unbearable we need to turn to someone who is able to give us help and guidance.

According to Gallaudet University, inappropriate emotional actions in all situations are symptomatic of a person who needs to seek professional advice. Below is a list of some of the symptoms that could indicate the need for professional assistance.

  • Irritation and aggression
  • Confusion and change in behaviour and mood
  • Negative thoughts and forgetfulness
  • Finding difficulty in concentrating
  • Finding it difficult to communicate
  • Poor judgment and delusion
  • Inappropriate behaviours
  • Difficulty in making decisions

What are the possible emotional effects?

If you are unable to control and manage your emotion it can create difficulties in both your personal and professional life.

Lack of emotional control can a variety of other issues.

  • Chronic Pain: If you have difficulty controlling your emotion, you might experience chronic pain which can be recur repeatedly.
  • Relationship issues: Your partner or friends will possibly notice a major difference in your behaviour which could be inappropriate and, as a result, you may be ostracized. This could make could become highly stressed and isolated.
  • Depression: When you are not satisfied with anything that you achieved it is usually because you are emotionally stressed and having negative thoughts. This unfortunately can lead to depression.

All these conditions can be managed with the help of a good psychologist.

My Family Psychologist provides much needed emotional support to the people in Newcastle, UK. Our team consists of experienced therapists and psychologists.

If you feel that you or someone you know needs help or support with their emotions and emotional management, do not hesitate to call us on 07801 079555, email us at or contact us online.

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