Great Ways On How To Motivate Yourself

Great Ways On How To Motivate Yourself

Great Ways On How To Motivate Yourself

As the days are getting shorter and the sun rarely makes an appearance, it’s difficult to be on your best every day and may find it hard to motivate yourself.

Luckily, there are ways to improve your motivation.

What Causes Lack of Motivation?

If you suddenly experience a lack of motivation the reason might be fairly simple; the task you’re required to do might be too boring or too difficult and by postponing it, you’re essentially trying to avoid the uncomfortable feeling.

You might also be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work or not being challenged enough. Or you might not be enjoying the work you do at all.

Sometimes we like the idea of achieving the goal but not the process itself.

However, if you experience a lack of motivation most of the days, the problem might run deeper.

What Mental Health Disorders Is Lack Of Motivation Linked To?

Lack of motivation is the primary symptom of depression which is associated with reduced dopamine levels that negatively affect motivation.

Similarly, loss of motivation has been linked to anxiety. When you regularly feel on edge, stress can cause a sudden surge of dopamine that then drops significantly which affects the brain’s reward responses responsible for motivation.

Other mental illnesses that can cause a lack of motivation are bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Tips To Increase Motivation

Set small goals

When you lack motivation, everything seems like an impossible task. To avoid overwhelming yourself, try to start small. Break down your goals into smaller segments. For example, if you need to clean the house write it down as washing the floors, cleaning surfaces etc.

Develop new habits

Rather than a willingness to do something, a big part of the motivation is discipline. No one is ever at their best all the time but people who make tasks a habit can find the motivation to complete them more easily.

Make sure you do something every day, no matter how small it is. If you have an essay to write and can’t find the motivation to, at least prepare an outline or research the topic.

Increase physical activity

There’s no better boost of energy than physical activity. It causes a rise in dopamine and triggers a release of serotonin responsible for our mood. Make sure you do something active every day, even if it’s just going for a walk or doing yoga.

Reward yourself

Nothing motivates more than good results and even just attempting to complete a task is a big step towards improvement.

Make sure you congratulate yourself on your effort and don’t beat yourself up when you can’t be productive.

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