How To Cope and Deal With Exam Stress

How To Cope and Deal With Exam Stress

How To Cope and Deal With Exam Stress

Exams stress is no joke. It can disturb your sleep and cause concentration difficulties, eventually preventing you from being well-prepared. Luckily, there are ways to manage and deal with exam stress.

Signs of Being Too Stressed Out

It’s normal to worry about getting good grades but if you find yourself stuck in negative thoughts loop, it’s a sign of stress. Constant worrying might make you feel tense and irritable. You might experience sleep difficulties and have a low mood. If you don’t ease the symptoms, you might lose interest in activities you once enjoyed and develop unexplained pains.

Tips To Manage Stress Straight Away

To make yourself feel instantly better, try exercising. Physical activity can help you clear your mind and relieve muscle stiffness. It also releases feel-good hormones that can reduce stress and put you in a better mood. You can also try a guided meditation that helps you focus on your breathing and release tension from your body. Additionally, it’s a good idea to do something that makes you feel good such as watching a favourite tv show or speaking to a friend.

Long-Term Solutions

To manage stress effectively, you have to start taking care of your diet. It might be tempting to munch on snacks when you’re stressed out but they only offer instant relief and make the problem worse in the long run. Make sure you eat healthy snacks instead (such as nuts or fruits) and avoid food high in sugar, salt and fat. Additionally, try to get enough sleep – preferably 8 hours per night.

You can also start keeping a diary where you write down your worries. You can pair them with contradictory questions. For example, if you’re worried about passing the exams and getting into a university, you can write: “I’ve been studying every day and I’m doing my best.” This will help you release stress and be more realistic.


Managing exam stress is as important as studying. If the stress persists even after you’ve finished your exams, it might be a sign the stress turned into anxiety. Contact My Family Psychologist to receive a consultation and get the help you need

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