Is Talking Therapy right for you

Is Talking Therapy right for you?

Is Talking Therapy right for you?

Do you feel that life is getting you down, do you feel anxious, depressed and maybe angry to the point where you want to lash out at someone; then this is when you need professional advice to help you solve your problems.

My Family Psychologist have highly qualified and experienced staff who are available to give Talking Based Therapies to help anyone who have issues they don’t know how to deal with and require assistance to manage their lives better so they can return to their daily routines.

Talking therapies are a useful tool for the psychologist who is helping anyone who is struggling with life and has emotional issues. It is thought that talking therapies can reduce the need to take tablets or other forms of medication.

A psychologist or a counsellor will listen to you and guide you in finding your own answers to your problems, you are supported during your session but you are expected self help yourself. Talking therapies can be conducted over the phone, in a group, one to one or even online.

A Solution Focussed Therapy looks at the way a person feels, thinks and behaves in their present situation whilst studying
their behaviour patterns to find out what triggers their problems. The therapist then works with you to agree a course of action to take when these triggers and the situation causes them to occur. Solution-focussed therapy is a proven method in helping solve depression, relationship issues, anger and anxiety problems.

Solution-Focused Therapy is often used with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is a talking therapy and is usually used to treat anxiety and depression but is occasionally used for other treatments. By altering how you think and behave the psychologist can teach you how to manage any issues you may have.

Using CBT shows you how your thoughts, emotions, the situation and actions affect one another and that can cause you to react in a variety of different ways both physically and mentally. Many psychologists use Solution Focused Therapy when working with young people and their parents.

Psychosexual Therapy is used to solve problems that people can have that affects their sexual relationships by getting them to understand their relationship better. The purpose of sex therapy is to help to support you and manage the difficulties you are having with intimacy.

There are many reasons for this which can be depression, illness, long term grief or environmental discomfort. Sex is often difficult to talk about but with an impartial therapist to help you calm the emotions and getting you to converse a solution will be eventually be found.

Therapist’s are not here to judge, they are here to give you a more constructive outlook on how to resolve the situation.

If you feel that you would benefit from Talking Therapy services and wish to speak to a therapist or a psychologist please phone My Family Psychologist on 07801 079555, email: or send us a message online.

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