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Morpeth Family Psychologist offers a complete service for your family's mental health care, we provide psychology assessments, counselling and evidence-based therapies tailored to your family's needs.

Morpeth Family Psychologist

A Family Psychology Service For Morpeth, Northumberland

Morpeth Family Psychologist are here to support individuals,couples and families across Northumberland and the North East, however, we do provide our psychology services across the UK via Zoom and other online systems (whatever works for our clients).

Morpeth Family Psychologist provide a large range of services including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT Therapists), Talking Therapies and counselling.

If you, a family member or friend is struggling or could use some expert support, get in touch with us today, we have helped hundreds of clients with a huge range of family psychological and personal issues. We offer a range of counselling and therapies as well as expert witness reporting services for legal needs.

Our friendly team of morpeth based psychologists, counsellors, therapists, psychotherapists are here to provide you with all the help you need to move forward in your life or help those you love the most. 

Whatever the issue you or someone you know is facing, we have the expertise available to help and we provide support for all age ranges from young children, under 13’s, through to teens and adults with our individuals, couples and family psychology services. 

Call My Family Psychologist today on 07801 079555 or fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly to help.

    Remote Support Available

    Remote Support Available My Family Psychologist are here to help you and your family, even if you are in isolation. All our Psychologists and Therapists can work over Zoom if required. Contact us on 07801 079555 to find out more.

    What is Psychology?

    Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviour. Psychologists are interested in how the mind can dictate and influence our behaviour, from communication and memory to thought and emotion.

    What do Psychologists do?

    A common misconception is that Psychologists just get paid lots of money just to sit and listen to people moan about their problems, but Psychologists are those best placed to diagnose and treat mental health issues. They use scientific knowledge and theory to tailor support for each individual so believe or not, Psychology is a science.

    Psychologists actually work in a wide number of professions and perform an enormous range of different duties. In traditional talking therapies, Psychologists are actively engaged in listening to the client, asking questions, providing advice, and helping clients develop solutions to put into daily practice.

    Seeking psychological help is not without its stigma and there can be a reluctance form people to enquire about working with a Psychologist. Media portrayals would have us believe that they sit there with a notebook and pen and diagnose the doom and gloom. However, Psychologists aim to work towards enhancing mental wellbeing and supporting you to actively work through whatever issues you may be dealing with.

    Morpeth Family Psychologist, Here To Help!

    If this is your first time hearing about Morpeth Family Psychologist, then here is some information about the services we offer.

    What is My Family Psychologist?

    My Family Psychologist is an evidence-based psychological service for families, adults and young people. Our team of psychologists, assistant psychologists, psychological therapists, and other mental health professionals have vast experience in working with families and young people.

    Who can access My Family Psychologist?

    We work with individuals, young people, adults, families and couples who recognise that something isn’t going quite well for them and recognise difficult areas in their life which they want support with. We encourage anybody to enquire to see how we can help.

    What services do we provide?

    We provide a range of evidence-based psychological therapies for problem areas such as anger, trauma, self-esteem, mood disorders, attachment, stress and adjustment, confidence and performance, social anxiety, relationship difficulties, sexual dysfunction, personality functioning problems, and other mental health difficulties.  We also work with those with learning difficulties and who have experienced substance misuse.

    Some of the Psychological Therapies we offer

    We also provide assessment services where we routinely test and diagnose common clinical areas such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Intellectual functioning, personality and post-traumatic stress disorder. We achieve this by using for example standard assessment tools and well-validated psychometrics.  Our service tailor made to you and your situation or your family psychological needs.

    If you have any questions for Morpeth Family Psychologist, contact us or call on 07801 079555 today and discover how we can help.

    Keep checking back on our website for regular blog updates and service information. We look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime, keep safe!

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