Psychological Therapies

Psychological .

Psychological therapies are non medical treatments that help us identify and change distressing emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behaviours. The majority of psychological therapies we offer have a robust evidence base meaning that they have been subject to clinical trial where people have made improvements in their psychological wellbeing. 
Psychological therapies are mainly ‘talking treatments’ where the client and psychologist come to jointly and collaboratively understand these troubling experiences. 
Some therapies are more bodily or behaviourally based. These therapies may implement breathwork (various breathing techniques) or planning steps in behaviour change, such as reducing alcohol for example. 
Our ethos and values involve a positive perspective. Whilst we the work with the distressing experiences we place a good deal of emphasis on self-development, building resilience, and increasing strengths. Our passion is to empower you to understand and maximise you and your family’s psychological wellbeing. 
Read on to understand more about the therapies we offer in more depth. 
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