Psychology Expert Witness Reports

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Psychology Expert Witness Reports

Assessing the psychological wellbeing and mental fitness of any individual is a complicated and delicate process that requires experienced experts who are focused, understand and appreciate the delicate work they do. We are here to provide top class Psychology Expert Witness Reports.

However, the assessment is just the first element of the process. The real challenge is in the production of detailed, accurate, robust and credible reports that will stand the test of a courtroom setting.

This is where our skill as a psychology expert witness and report writers stands above everyone else.  We manage the entire process and we use only the most appropriate experts relevant to the requirements of the case.

We are experts in our field and you will not be dealing with a database of psychologists but hand-chosen experts who will provide everything you need from start to finish, making the entire process as easy as possible for you.

The My Family Psychologist accredited psychological expert witnesses have experience and skills working throughout the family and forensic settings offering an expert opinion to family solicitors, criminal solicitors, crown prosecution services and social services.

The most common areas of reporting covered by our psychology expert witnesses are:

  • Family psychological assessment
  • Forensic psychological assessment
  • Child/adolescent psychological assessments
  • Cognitive assessments (WAIS I & IV)
  • Certificate of capacity
  • Risk assessments, such as RSVP/SVR20
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Fitness to plead
  • Suggestibility/compliance
  • ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Substance misuse

If you need an expert witness and want an easy and clear service that includes everything that you need then we are the experts you need and should call.

We will ensure that your expert witness report is delivered on time, on budget and fulfilling everything that you require.

Get in touch with My Family Psychologist today and discover how we can make the process of dealing with expert witnesses easy and simple.

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