Service Evaluation

Psychological .

Since the inception of My Family Psychologist we have sought to gather information on the service individuals have received.

To date, based on a sample of 237 individuals we asked pertinent questions using a three point Likert scale; with responses raging from ‘not at all’, ‘somewhat’, and ‘very much’.

The following results were obtained from the following questions:

  1. Have you found the service you received to be helpful? 96% responded ‘very much’.
  2. Did the service meet your needs as expected and helped you achieved your aims? 94% responded ‘very much’.
  3. Has your child’s psychological wellbeing improved as a rest of the therapy provided? 83% responded ‘very much’.
  4. Do you feel you understand your mental health more as a result of the service? 94% responded ‘very much’.
  5. Are you better able to manage your mental health as a result of the service you have received? 87% responded ‘very much’.
  6. If applicable, have your thoughts of taking your own life or deliberate self harm reduced? 97% responded ‘very much’.
  7. If applicable, have you ceased any unhelpful behaviours, such as addition, impulsivity, or unwanted repetitive behaviours for example? 76% reported ‘very much’.
  8. Did you find the service to be professional, empathic, and efficient? 100% responded ‘very much’.

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