Setting The Date. Date Night Ideas

Setting The Date

Setting The Date

‘Setting the Date’ – Different Date Night ideas for you to try.

There is nothing wrong with staying at home with a takeaway on a Saturday night with your significant other but it is very easy to forget how to make them different and exciting. The idea of spending time with our partners should be something unique and setting the date in advance will make sure that there is no excuse.

We have some ideas which are simple, fun and enjoyable, regardless of the current pandemic.

Explore the World

Set a country/theme at each week and cook food from that country/theme. For example, if you have a Spanish theme for the date night, you can cook tapas or paella and make drinks inspired by the country (sangria!) listen to music inspired by the country together or watch a film set in that country.  take it in turns or create the dishes together. This will give you chance to explore new cuisines together without having to break the bank travelling!

Have a games night or quiz night

Get the board games out or cards and two player games to unleash your competitive side. Or get to know each other better by asking each other questions or complete a Myers-Briggs questionnaire to find our each other’s personality type. This always makes for interesting discussion!

Have a cocktail party

Get dressed up to the nines and experiment making new cocktails or even inventing your own!

Take a drive together to somewhere you have never been

Make a list of places you have never been. Decide where you want to go, fuel up and off you go.

Make a blanket fort and watch a film together

You are never too old to make a fort! Set up an area in the bedroom, living room or spare room with blankets, pillows and cushions. This will create a sense of security and warmth and makes for a nice chilled evening with your significant other.

Have a photo shoot

This is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone. Pick some outfits out and get snapping. Take it in turns taking pictures of each other and pick out the best ones. Make a collage of them, experiment with editing them and share them if you feel comfortable.

Do a blind taste test

Take it in turns to taste test different foods and take a guess about what you think they might be. Whoever guesses the most, wins!

Have a double date

Whether its socially distancing with a picnic a park or via video chat, connect with friends and enjoy each other’s company. Engaging in conversation is key for effective communication and connectedness.

Start a hobby together and get crafty!

Couples who play together, stay together (or so the saying goes!). Getting involved in mutual interests (such as exercise, reading or writing) can push you to work harder and work together to support each other’s goals. Try and make something you’ve never done before. Making things like soaps, candles or bath bombs together could lead to a future business venture!

Go for walks and visit different landmarks, nature parks or botanical gardens

Going for long walks in nature are both a healthy and ideal opportunity to get to get to know each other. Take some time really appreciating nature  by taking photographs and capturing moments together. Walking together is also good for fitness so track your steps with your Fitbit or mobile app. You will be surprised how far you’ve walked.

Have a spa day together

Spend the day relaxing together (phones tuned off). Have a hot bubble bath together, give each other massages, use face masks and have a glass of champagne. Having a relaxing day together can leave you feeling bonded and refreshed.

Read each other’s Tarot cards

Learning Tarot is a fun way to interpret each other’s lives and get to know them better. Even if you don’t believe in Tarot, reading the cards can be interesting and could lead to deeper and intimate discussions.

Watch a sunrise or sunset

Sunrises and Sunsets are beautiful and watching them together can be a easy way to spend time together without having to do very much.

Bake together and have afternoon tea

Find some recipes and spend an afternoon baking. Finish off the afternoon by having traditional afternoon tea together.

Make an indie movie or a documentary

All you need these days is a camera phone. Write a mini script and then its lights, camera, action!

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