Psychological .


“Very professional attitude, after some experience with previous psychologists, I can say that I feel taken care of professionally.  Definitely recommend!”

Jiří Gumančík

“I had a 40min phone call completely for free in which Luisa opened with “Tell me about it”, she lets you just explain, then asks questions to your thoughts you wouldn’t have considered and makes you reflect on them.  I might not need any paid therapy after my chat and I’m not joking.”

Joe Capocci

“Luisa has helped me a great deal with issues with access to my son after a relationship breakup. I can highly recommend her and her advice and ability to resolve matters has been greatly appreciated.”

Chris Bell

“An acute understanding of issues facing prisoners – I work as a defence advocate and have found the advice and comments of exceptional use.”

Daniel Jerome, Barrister

“Luisa has been an incredible source of help to me over the years, particularly in making sense of my childhood abuse and how that has previously  informed and influenced my decision-making processes. More recently, Luisa has been key in helping me to grieve for my eldest son, rationalising, and normalising how I am feeling and reminding me of the fluidity of loss. After many years without any faith in professionals, I trust this lady implicitly with myself and would recommend her services wholeheartedly”

Annie – survivingsafeguarding.co.uk

“I have known and worked with Luisa in a professional capacity for 15 years. I can attest to her skills in assessment and formulation, her ability to balance an empathic non-judgemental approach with management of risk, and her keen interest in keeping up to date with developments in evidence-based interventions and research.”

J Harrison, Senior Psychological Therapist

“Luisa’s reports are not only informative, but beneficial to future support in custody and in the community. It has been great to see that the rapport she builds during assessments encourages the progress of those less fortunate.  She is not only very easy to work with but very easy to talk to.  Great reports, very educating for all!”

Shirley Noble, Prison Lawyer, Alderson Law Solicitors

A note of mental health professionals and titles

Mental health services can be a minefield of information with many differing professionals offering different skills. In psychology, the term Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, and Counselling Psychologist are protected titles.  These professional titles can attract the title ‘Chartered’ by the British Psychological Society and are required to be registered with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC). Please check the credentials of the health professional you are working with.  Its easy to check whether they are registered by going to: www.hpcp-uk.org

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