The Benefits of Supervision

The Benefits of Supervision

The Benefits of Supervision

Supervision in psychology is a common practice that allows therapists to regularly discuss their work with more experienced professionals. The main aim of supervision is to ensure that clients receive high-quality care, however, it has many other benefits related to therapists’ personal and professional development.

1. Supervision is the chance for a therapist to improve their skills

Even though anyone who begins a career in psychology already knows the basic principles of therapy, applying that knowledge in real life can be tricky. For example, some clients might not be willing to talk or become aggressive during a therapy session. A supervisor can help a therapist apply psychological concepts to their work, explore various challenging scenarios that they’re likely to encounter on the job and provide guidance on how to respond to them. Every client is different so it’s important for a therapist to learn how to adapt their work style depending on a person.

2. It’s essential for every therapist’s wellbeing

Being a therapist is mentally draining; it requires empathy, it can be stressful and often upsetting. For example, hearing clients talk about their negative experiences, particularly those a therapist relates to can cause distress. An important part of supervision is providing a therapist with mental support by listening to their concerns and teaching them how to compartmentalise their emotions. This can decrease the negative impact of the work on their mental well-being, create a more supportive work environment and translate into higher job satisfaction as a result.

3. Constructive feedback

During supervision sessions, a therapist has a chance to share any difficulties they have faced and discuss their progress so far. A supervisor offers regular constructive feedback that can enhance the therapist’s professional development by improving their skills and giving them more confidence. This also helps ensure that clients receive safe and ethical care.

4. Reduced staff turn-over

Working in mental health is challenging and professionals who don’t feel supported by their employers are more likely to leave their jobs, which can have a negative impact on their clients. Supervision allows therapists to feel more secure as there’s always someone more experienced who can offer them advice and steer them in the right direction. Additionally, it can help prevent burnout and absences due to sickness.

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