The blank paper is your enemy!

The blank paper is your enemy!

The blank paper is your enemy!

What is stopping you from starting an activity, completing that coursework, revising for that exam, applying for that job?

Are you lacking motivation and letting procrastination lead you astray?

It’s now time to pattern up and get things done!

5 ways to get motivated!


Why is it important? What will you gain?

We either have a victim mindset or a champion mindset! We must feel inspired to execute the action. We need to have a rational mindset to want to study and achieve our to do list or goal. If we dwell on our emotional mindset we will want to procrastinate as it gives us comfort and safety to avoid the fear of failure or burnout. To question why our task is important to us can clear any confusion and reconnect to our goal!


Our environment shapes our behaviour, therefore if our environment is limiting us, our intentions are limited. A clear space means a clear mind! It’s important to find and have the right place to be productive which will by default motivate us.

By creating an inviting space with includes motivational quotes or inspiration can help us get in the zone.

We need to give our time to get in that mindset! Create a workspace that is clean and allows you to think. Therefore, we need to make sure our work environment is one where we are relaxed but motivated. We could light a candle, play motivating music, have a cup of tea etc

State change

The mind and body are interconnected! Therefore, we need to pay attention to our physical state which will change our mind state and viscera. Before we can jump into working productively, we need to get in the mood!

Break the Cycle of procrastination

We could go for a 9 minute walk, surround ourselves with good work ethic, or give sometime to free ourselves from distractions such as our phones, TV etc. When in the right state of mind, we are more creative and produce the best ideas.

Why do you think we create our best ideas in the shower or on a walk?

Because we are relaxed and have no distraction as we only have 1 focus!

Use positive thinking and -negative thinking to your advantage.
Everything has pros and cons.

Using cons can motivate us to jump-start ourselves to go against the law of attraction of thinking positive to our advantage. By this we do not wanting the worst to happen, therefore we force ourselves to get the job done!

On the other hand, thinking positively that we will complete the task can help. We should tell ourselves we have worked hard to get what we have done completed. We need to show ourselves appreciation!

An agreement plan

We need to create a commitment device where we can’t let distraction take us down! If we commit ourselves to our goal which has a form of loss to it, we can be motivated to complete it more.
For example: tell your friends if you do not complete a task you will give them £5.

Don’t dwell on the time you have left to complete a task! Just do it!

Thinking over and over about the thing we need to do is just making you lose the time you have remaining to complete the task!

I hope you enjoyed the 'the blank paper is your enemy' article.

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