Wellbeing? – there is not a single definition for this concept, but it typically expresses a positive outlook on the way we live life! Wellbeing is personal to us, but it is universally relevant! We want to make sure you all have a healthy relationship with your wellbeing which is realistic and has your best interest at heart.

What is Wellbeing?

Well being can be expressed as the quality of an individual life. In other words, we want to achieve happiness and enjoyment in ourselves or just being content in the present moment. Well being is not rigid, resulting into us having our ups and downs in life. Having good wellbeing is also about-facing difficult situations with the necessary tools and skills to get us through.

What does wellbeing look like?

Wellbeing is not a singular thing – it is made up by many aspects which work together to give you an overall view of your well being. These aspects include:

  • Physical well being → eating healthy, exercising, sleep. limiting illnesses.
  • Psychological well being → mental health, stress, anxiety, depression, resilience, self-love
  • Social well being → communicating with others, develop meaningful relationships and maintaining a social network such as thriving in the community, culture, and environment around us to overcome loneliness.
  • Spiritual → faith based, your purpose in life, the bigger questions in life.

These aspects of wellbeing contribute to your overall well being. It is important we take our time and build these areas to maintain a healthy relationship with our well being. When exploring these areas, it is essential we are realistic with our goals to ensure we achieve the best we can and avoid us giving up on our well being.

Keep in mind!

Wellbeing is built from our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours – most of which we can control! In some circumstance we cannot control our thought or emotion, but we can control how we act.

Wellbeing is about being able to change unhealthy habits to HEALTHY habits. Making these changes can help us have healthy thought processes, emotional responses, and behaviours to develop better solutions to problems. We must be able to use our strengths and utilise them where necessary and develop good coping skills when facing difficult situations.

Wellbeing is not only finding what works for you but trying out new things to expose yourself to all the options you may have! It can be scary or confusing when trying something new but taking the first steps can make a big change!

REMEMBER it is very natural to feel emotions! We all have our good days and bad days! But this is what makes us human!

I hope you enjoyed the 'wellbeing' article.

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