What are the Benefits of Private Education

What are the Benefits of Private Education?

What are the Benefits of Private Education?

Education is more than just a requirement, it’s also an investment in your child’s future. Private schools might not only lead to a greater academic outcome but can also help your child grow up to be a respectful, confident adult. If you’re wondering whether private education is a good idea, here are a few benefits of sending your child to a private school:

1. Better earning potential

Studies show that children who received private education earn 7% more than those who went to a public school. [1] This could be because private schools teach their pupils to have higher self-esteem, higher aspirations and a stronger belief that they’re in control of the outcomes of their lives. [2]

2. Extra-curriculum activities

Children at private schools are encouraged to engage in a range of extra activities that shape their character, allow them to find their passion and teach them teamwork and resilience at the same time.

3. Reduced class sizes

In private schools, the class size is typically much smaller than in public schools, which creates a more welcoming environment in which the teaching style is tailored to each pupil’s needs. Whether your child is especially gifted or happens to fall behind, the teachers will make sure that they can reach their potential by recognising their weaknesses and cultivating their strengths. Private school teachers also tend to be more specialised in their fields which often translates into more academic success. [3]  

4. More integrity

Private schools tend to be stricter than public schools, meaning that misbehaviour isn’t tolerated and that your child will learn how to respect others. Additionally, many private schools cooperate with charities and encourage their pupils to take part in volunteering, which allows them to contribute to making a difference in someone’s life and teaches them empathy.

5. Better resources

Private schools often have better quality equipment and more facilities that allow your child to thrive academically and develop their passions, whatever they might be.

6. Better mental health

Although the research on the topic is mixed, some studies suggest that children who go to private schools enjoy better mental well-being. In one of the recent studies, researchers compared data from suicide rates and surveys and concluded that people who went to private schools are less likely to report having mental health issues in adulthood. [4] On one hand, private schools create a more competitive environment, on the other hand, the discipline and individual approach allow children to reach their full potential and gain more confidence to go after what they want in life.

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