What Is a Healthy Sexual Relationship

What Is a Healthy Sexual Relationship?

What Is a Healthy Sexual Relationship?

We all want a relationship straight out of a romantic comedy but instead of focusing on making it perfect, make sure it’s healthy. So what is a healthy sexual relationship?

How Does a Healthy Sexual Relationship Look Like?

A healthy sexual relationship is about your pleasure as much as it’s about your partner’s pleasure. In a healthy relationship, you respect each other’s boundaries and don’t make the other partner feel guilty for refusing sexual contact. Having sex makes you feel connected and is initiated to satisfy not only physical needs but emotional needs too. You also feel safe and loved.

How To Set Sexual Boundaries?

Before you speak to your partner about what you are comfortable or uncomfortable with, make sure you know what you like and don’t like first. You can always write down the things you like the sound of and things you definitely don’t want to try. Search a list of sexual scenarios online if that’s easier. When you’re done, you can divide the list into things you’re willing to do now and waning to try in the future. If your partner comes up with an idea you don’t like, don’t be afraid to say no. Respecting each other’s boundaries is the fundament of a healthy sexual relationship and it will be a lot less hurtful than rejecting your partner in the heat of the moment.

How Can I Start a Conversation About My Sexual Needs?

Talking about sex doesn’t come easy for most of us mainly because it’s a taboo subject in many families. However, the key to a healthy relationship is discussing your needs. After you’ve made a list of your dos and donts, choose the right time to talk to your partner. Make sure they aren’t too busy and avoid “You” statements that can sound accusatory. Be clear about your needs and be proactive in findings ways to help you and your partner improve.

Alternatively, you can consider couples therapy. If both you and your partner are willing to make a positive change, it could be of great help. Contact My Family Psychologist to discuss your options.

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