Why Am I So Sad During The Festive Season

Why Am I So Sad During The Festive Season?

Why Am I So Sad During The Festive Season?

Despite Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year, a lot of people experience holiday blues. Here’s why you might be feeling sad as the festive season is approaching:

1. Increased responsibilities and stress

While Christmas is the time of joy, it also comes with increased responsibilities; you might feel pressured to say yes to social interactions even when you don’t feel like seeing anyone, struggle to find the right gifts for your family, have to plan the Christmas Eve on your own and clean the house. On top of that, there’s the pressure to live up to expectations of the image of Christmas presented by the media – you might worry that not everything will go as planned and compare your celebration to what you see posted online.

2. Stressful family gatherings

In theory, it’s great to be able to finally see all the family members in one place. But if there’s that one person you don’t get on well with, it might be difficult for you to look forward to Christmas celebrations. Sometimes it’s okay to opt-out of a family tradition if it’s for the sake of your mental health.

3. Physical and mental fatigue

A few weeks before Christmas is a period often synonymous with an increased workload, whether you’re at school or working. Once you’ve completed all the tasks you might realise that instead of feeling relieved, the mental and physical fatigue finally gets to you and you’re unable to relax despite the prospect of having some time off.

4. The pressure of a ‘clean slate’

The new year is approaching fast and it’s normal to feel a little down since something is coming to an end. At the same time, the new year is also an opportunity to set new year’s resolutions, which comes with the pressure to become an improved version of yourself. To avoid feeling stressed about the new year before the clock even strikes midnight, focus on celebrating your current achievements.

5. Limited exposure to light

During winter time days are shorter and sun exposure is limited, which means a lot of people will suffer from the seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression that is more apparent in the colder months. If you’re feeling down without apparent reason, it might be a sign you need more vitamin D in your life.

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