Why Does Being At The Beach Make Me Feel So Good

Why Does Being At The Beach Make Me Feel So Good?

Why Does Being At The Beach Make Me Feel So Good?

Do you tend to look back on the summers spent at the beach and fantasize about relaxing near the sea? While most people enjoy being at the beach because they associate it with sunny weather and days off work, there might be more to the sentiment than a healthy dose of vitamin D and lack of responsibilities. As studies show, water can have a positive influence on our mental health.

The Blue Mind Theory

Being in nature can have a calming effect and according to the blue mind theory, if nature involves water it can even put us in a meditative state. The blue mind theory is described in detail by scientist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols in his ‘Blue Mind’ book; the author believes that people tend to live in an over-stimulated state that makes them constantly anxious and being in, near or under water can help generate a feeling of relaxation that finally allows the brain to rest.

The evidence that water is linked to improved mental health has been found in several studies. For example, results from the study of the University of Exeter revealed that people who live close to the coast are 22% less likely to experience symptoms of mental health disorders unlike those who live over 31 miles away. [1] Additionally, the calming effect might have something to do with the blue colour as blue lighting has been shown to accelerate post-stress relaxation. [2] The blue mind theory is also used in surf therapy that combines traditional methods of treatment with surfing lessons.

How to Take Advantage of the Blue Mind Theory In Your Daily Life

Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or money to travel to the beach every week, but it doesn’t mean that benefitting from the blue mind theory is impossible. It just means that you might have to get a bit creative.

  1. One simple way to incorporate the theory into your daily life is to add more blue; for example, you could buy a blue duvet, paint your walls blue or get yourself blue utensils.

    2. A good idea is also to listen to white noise; studies show that the sound of waves can be more beneficial than listening to relaxing music. [3] Playing the recording once a day for a few minutes might be enough to help you decrease stress.

    3. Be mindful when having a shower and focus on the sounds, the way the water feels against your skin and the smells around you. As a result, you’ll be able to stay in the present and put your mind off worries.

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